5 Long-Term Cardiovascular Benefits of Exercise

You already knew that your weekly cardio workout was the most important, despite knowing that mixing it up with some strength training was great for your body. Have you ever wondered what exactly your body experiences in the long-term from regular cardiovascular exercise?

On the short term, you’ll notice your increased heartbeat, faster breathing, and changes in blood flow. In the long-term, you’ll notice even more benefits, such as improved circulation and a decreased resting heart rate. Take a look at these long-term benefits and more that you’ll experience with regular cardiovascular exercise.

1.) Your mental health will change

One long-term benefit of cardio exercise is that your mental health will improve. You may be more focused on the physical benefits, but you’ll start to notice mental changes, such as a calming effect on your mood
and a decrease in any anxiety and depression you normally would experience.

Since the neurotransmitters in your brain are releasing endorphins from the aerobic exercise, your body will start to feel calmer and happier. You’ll be able to notice psychological benefits from cardio in just 12 weeks of regular exercise
and by a year of it, you’ll have significant benefits taking place.

2.) Your weight control will change

You’ve likely noticed the weight falling off from all of the cardio exercise you’ve been doing. Your body requires energy pulled from the glucose in your blood, as well as the calories stored in your body, so it’s easy for your body to lose weight when it’s burning through your calories. You can burn hundreds of calories from aerobic exercise, with the average rate being around 600+ calories from just one hour of high-intensity exercise. Pair that with a healthy diet and it will be easy to not only lose the weight, but to prevent weight gain in the future.

3.) Your heart will thank you

Your heart will benefit massively from the cardiovascular exercise in your weekly routine. Since the exercise increases your heart’s rate of pumping blood and delivery of nutrients in your body, the aerobic exercise
is benefiting your heart and body in a big way.

You’ll notice decreased cholesterol levels, a reduction in the risks of heart attack, stroke, or clogged arteries, a strong heart that works more efficiently with exercise, and an improved quality of life. You’ll also notice that your resting heart rate will decrease, making periods of being sedentary easier on your heart than it is now because it won’t need to beat as fast to supply blood during periods of rest. 

You’ll get to experience the benefits of an increased blood volume from the body’s natural increase in red blood cells needed to oxygenate the muscles during heavy exercise, a blood pressure decrease by 10mmHg, and improved circulation since the body increases its capillaries from the need to have more oxygen in the muscles during exercise.

4.) Your cardio endurance will increase

People love to see or feel results quickly and first-hand, which makes the cardio endurance benefit a great one. This is one you’ll start to notice as you get stronger and the workouts start getting easier. You’ll find that with more workouts that you’ll need to work out longer or harder to achieve results because your body is getting used to things and it’s getting easy for you.

This is because your heart, lungs, and blood vessels that are supplying oxygen to your muscles during movement are needing to provide even more air through your lungs which at first causes some fatigue, but over time, causes your stamina to increase and exercises to get less tiring.

5.) Decreased recovery time

Have you noticed that after the first couple of work outs, you feel tired and exhausted all day? It’s hard to start a new workout regimen but as you get used to it and keep at it, you’ll not only experience better
endurance, but also a decreased recovery time. This period of time is when your heart rate is returning to your normal resting rate.

If it takes a long time to get the heart rate back down after a workout, it shows that a person is not as healthy or fit. When your recovery time decreases from regular exercise, you’ll have a clear sign that you are becoming healthy and fit.

While there are a ton of great benefits to your cardio work outs in the short-term, you’ll get to experience some major perks if you keep up with it for the long-term!

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