Why I Became a Chiropractor: Part II

Many of you learned about my Mom in my Mother’s Day post about why I became a chiropractor, but my Dad had a big part in me becoming a chiropractor too. As a kid, I loved science. I was fascinated at how things worked and by nature. With both my parents having science backgrounds, it helped fuel my passion for learning. Anytime I was interested in something, my Dad would hand me books on the subject (many times they were his old textbooks!). 

My dad was the person that pushed me out of my comfort zone. He’s always been my biggest fan and my toughest critic. Information is knowledge in my household. If I wanted something or to participate in something, I had to present my argument with data and facts to support my position. Pretty similar to the Scientific Method. This has led me to constantly be learning and not just accepting an answer because I love data!

My dad has always been an Adventurer. His appetite for travel and trying new things led to me being exposed to many opportunities and learning that it is never too late to start learning something new. He accomplished his dream of going back to school and earned his Master’s in International Communication back in 2012. He is always there to support me, and letting me know if I work hard, I can accomplish anything.

I remember a specific conversation we had while I was about halfway through Chiropractic school. I was unsure about wanting to continue. Classes were getting harder; boards were around the corner and the prospect of being a doctor was starting to weigh heavily on me. He simply said, “You’ve come too far to stop now.” 

My Dad and IThat simple phase made me remember why I chose to become a chiropractor. I wanted to help others naturally regain their health.  So, with my parents’ encouragement and support, here I am today. I love what I do. I love coming into the clinic every day.  It still is the best decision I made over 15 years ago. Thanks, Dad, for always being there to support me! 

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads!

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