remedy testing

Introducing a brand new service offering at Performance Chiropractic Clinic – remedy testing! 

What is remedy testing?

Are you wondering if you have any specific food sensitivities? Remedy testing identifies people’s intolerances using hair and saliva and testing it against food and environmental items that are potentially impacting their health. Thousands of people have used remedy testing to improve the way they feel by knowing more about their body. When we know what fuels the fire, we can take the necessary steps to avoid the foods that trigger us!

How does it work?

Taking the test is easy and doesn’t require you to be poked or prodded! Just a sample of your hair and saliva using an at home test that we will provide you with. We will never sell or share your data! (we don’t even keep your samples after test results!) After your results come in, Dr. Maddy will sit down with you and review and answer any questions you may have.

How do I purchase a test?

You can purchase at the office, or you can purchase online at the link below through Square. Once we receive your order (if doing online), we will contact you within a few business days to get things started!