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Hi I'm Dr. Perry

I am committed 100% to partner with each individual to meet your personal health and wellness goals. My wish is for each member to be their best, all the time. I have a passion for working with all types of athletes, from the mom of 4 to the ultra-marathoner!

I meet with each practice member from day 1 to develop a care plan specific to your needs. My practice members are part of my extended family and I care for each individual as I would my own family. I never make recommendations that I would not follow myself or recommend to my family.

Each visit you are checked for nerve interference and if found will be removed using a specific chiropractic adjustment. I will make sure you get my best 100% of the time so you can be your best all the time. My goal is to make our community the leaders in wellness and have the happiest, healthiest community in Wisconsin!

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What My Wonderful Freedom Empowerers Say

  • Dr.Maddy is kind and caring person inside and out. She listens to what might concern you and gives you thoughtful answers as to what might be the issue. Her knowledge and skills give you peace of mind. Her chiropractic care is very gentle and relaxing. I look forward each week to get aligned. She has been helping me get back to normal from a car accident. I can definitely feel the change in me with her chiropractic care and feel much better about myself and about my life.

  • Dr. Maddy is the best! I have been seeing her for almost 3 years, I initially started going because I was having severe low back pain during marathon training. Not only did Dr. Maddy keep me active, she helped me reach my goal and cross the finish line. She has kept me healthy and active ever since. Your care is personalized as soon as you walk in the door at Performance Chiropractic and Dr. Maddy goes above and beyond for your well being!


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