Welcome to Performance Chiropractic

DrMaddyPerformance Chiropractic Clinic is owned and operated by Dr. Madalyn Perry. Our reputation has been built by delivering quality health and wellness care in the greater Milwaukee area. Dr. Perry and staff partner with patients to provide the best possible customer service with consistent and effective chiropractic care. Performance Chiropractic is a family practice focused on making each individual perform their best all the time. Dr. Perry has experience working with all ages from newborns to adults.

“The greatest thing, then, is to make our nervous system our ally instead of our enemy.”

                       William James; Leading 19th Century philosopher and psychologist

My Practice Philosophy

I am committed 100% to partner with each individual to meet your personal health and wellness goals. My wish is for each member to be their best, all the time. I have a passion for working with all types of athletes, from the mom of 4 to the ultra-marathoner!


I meet with each practice member from day 1 to develop a care plan specific to your needs. My practice members are part of my extended family and I care for each individual as I would my own family. I never make recommendations that I would not follow myself or recommend to my family.

Each visit you are checked for nerve interference and if found will be removed using a specific chiropractic adjustment. I will make sure you get my best 100% of the time so you can be your best all the time. My goal is to make our community the leaders in wellness and have the happiest, healthiest community in Wisconsin!

Strategies to Help You Keep Going When You Really Don’t Want To

Some days and some periods of life just make you feel like giving up. You feel like you’ve given things your all, between your work, your relationships, your health, and more, and things just don’t seem to be going the way you feel they should be. A common shared problem among most is that when …

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Effective, Natural Help for Chron’s Sufferers

You may have never associated chiropractic care with your treatment for Crohn’s Disease. Many people don’t realize that this bowel disease of chronic inflammation, affecting your gastrointestinal tract, can actually be treated through more than the typical drug therapy or surgery. Chiropractic care, once again, can help sufferers of a disease that is normally treated …

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