Why I became a chiropractor

Why I Became a Chiropractor

In honor of Mother’s Day this year, I wanted to share a little story with you about my Mom that some of you may or may not know. This is my mom, Mary. She is the reason I became a chiropractor. Watch the short video below to hear her chiropractic story.

It was because of her that chiropractic became known to my family, which had mainly always been an allopathic medicine family. Her story is similar to many. When crippling headaches took over her life, she did what the medical community asked of her. She went to the GP, then the ENT, followed by the neurologist, to a different ENT. Everyone had a different answer but no one had a solution.

Since the modern medical community failed her, she started to do her own research. She made dietary changes and found an amazing massage therapist. This therapist had the knowledge to refer my mom to the chiropractor. It took time, it took effort, but it worked and continues to work.

At 16 when I had my first migraine, my mom took me right to the chiropractor. I was nervous, excited, scared…everything. Dr. Jim greeted me with a warm smile (as he still does to this day), did an examination, found my subluxations (spinal misalignment) and corrected them. That started my love affair with chiropractic care. Any time anything happened, a cold, an ache, I went to the chiropractor. It did so much for me in my life and in my family’s lives, that it was only natural for me to become a chiropractor to help others the way I have been helped.

That’s why I treat every person like family in my office. It’s not about fancy machines or a state of the art facility. It’s about taking care of people so that they can enjoy life with their loved ones. That was how chiropractic was introduced to me and how I want everyone in my office to feel. It is my honor to serve you in your health journey!

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